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Focus on the market, speed up the core technology innovation of domestic numeral control machine tools


The levels, kinds, production ability of numeral control machine tool reflect the technology and economy comprehensive national power of a country. As strategic equipment of national defense and military industry, numeral control machine tool is the most important manufacture means of various weapon equipments, the significant guarantee of national defense and military industry equipments modernization. However, prospering numeral control machine tool industry meets some difficulties for the machine tool industry. 
According to experts, digital manufacturing technology required for developing numeral control machine tool is the core of advanced manufacturing, the key of realizing independent innovation. Therefore, for the whole industry, prospering numeral control machine tool industry is strategic chance as well as serious challenge. 
The annual compound growth rate of national numeral control machine tool output is 37.39% in the past 5 years, 29.94% in the past 10 years, 22.10% in the past 15 years. Driven by national equipments manufacturing industry prospering and international industry transforming, national equipments instruments purchase and investment growth rate will keep in 20% in the future 510 years, and the demand for machine tool industry will keep growing in high-speed.
Seen from data, in 2011, domestic machine tools output is 1098,400 sets, reaching 660.65 billion Yuan, with the year-on-year growth 32.1%, among them, numeral control machine tools for 272.1 thousand sets, with the growth rate of 15.26%.
Currently, the market share of domestic mid-range numeral control machine tools is only 35%, more than 95% of high-end  numeral control machine tools relying on import; the product quality stability and reliability is far from the international advanced level. Relying too much on technology leads to the lack of high-tech support of the industry, and thus lags the independent innovation development.
Besides, the high-speed development of numeral control machine tools industry and the continuous enhancement of comprehensive power lead to the obvious improvement of international status of numeral control machine tools industry. Facing the attractive Chinese market, how can the powerful nation of numeral control machine tools manufacture balk at it? Return to manufacture industry causing by post-financial crisis prompted a new industry structure adjustment supported by high-tech. in the complex and changeable domestic and international market environment, if a company has no independently researched high-tech, it can not catch the great development challenge hidden in numeral control machine tools industry. 
Therefore, technology innovation is the motivation supporting structure adjustment, and the source of gaining competitive advantages. Under the situation that high-end numeral control machine tool technology is very rare, and overseas enterprises take the majority market, the R&D of mid-range and high-end numeral control machine tool technology is required for the situation, and the inevitable choice of realizing the 12th five-year plan.
At present, numeral control machine tool is the mainstream of machine tools, especially the high-end numeral control machine tool. Numeral control machine tool belongs to high-end equipment manufacturing, having the features of high technology content and high technology value added, the important acting point of developing strategic new industries. The numeral control machine tool market in the future is very huge.