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Lack of ability of processing machine tool is the key obstacle of the weakness of China’s manufacturing industry


Due to the disappointment of numeral control machine tool, the mother of industry, China can not totally be independent in manufacturing high-end product. We rely on imported machine tools in certain extent on aspects like high-efficient car engine, aircraft engine turbine, airframe, nuclear power station components, high-speed train head etc.
Electric industry needs high precision lens. Processing of missile seeker also needs ultrahigh precision five-axis linkage machine tool. The aircraft web and wings need ultra high speed machine tools. Large aircraft and nuclear power station components need large press machine. Compound material of aerospace need fiber-spreading machine…Lack of ability of processing machine tool is the key obstacle of the weakness of China’s manufacturing industry. 
For instance, processing the blade of engine needs to make sure it works under high temperature and high pressure in ultra precision. The complex surface of blade requires five –axis linkage machine tool of high-speed, ultra high precision and great power for processing. So as the blade of nuclear power station and gas turbine.
Facing all the facts, domestic high-end numeral control machine tool is evidently not strong enough. It is known for people occupying in the machine tool industry how important metal cutting machine tool means to car market. According to years of history experiences, generally half of domestic metal cutting machine tool supplies to the car industry. Pathetically, few domestic machine tool industries enter key fields such as the production line of engine. In the car factories of China, most equipments of the four technologies are imported.
However, even the simplest spare parts have to reach certain extent of precision once it is used in precision machine tool. Top function spare parts such as bearings, rotary head and grating in numeral control machine tool can’t be produced in our country. Therefore, customers will always limit the brand configuration. 
In recent years, our country had a lot of incentive policy for machine tool industry to support the domestic machine tool enterprises in high-end market. For instance, according to the special planning of high-end numeral control machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, in 2020,80% of high-end numeral control machine tool and basis manufacturing equipments required for aerospace, ships, cars, generating equipment will be produced in our country.
As a matter of fact, there is not much lack of high-end technology and high-end products in the machine tool manufacturing industry. If it blame the design ability and technology level for the reason of imported machine tool monopolizing China’s High-end market, it is obviously unfair.   
Vigorous emphasis of R&D and design is in sharp contrast to neglect of manufacture and crafts common seen in China machine tool manufacture industry. It has close relationship with uncontrollable scale impulse driving enterprise restless in recent years. 
Actually, since last year, the demand growth of domestic machine industry has presented a slowing down trend, which quite a few sensitive machine tool enterprises have realized. With the transformation and upgrading of national economy, demand’s booming growth period in the initial stages of industrialization is about to disappear. The requirement of equipment level and quality is becoming higher and higher in every industry, while China high-end numerically-controlled machine tool market will be the contested.