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ROTTLER· Yonghua attended CIMT of 2015

On the second day of CIMT2015 , the stand of ROTTLER YONGHUA was crowded with many high-end users at home and abroad , and got a lot of praise from people all over the industries , they witnessed the new milestone of Yonghua Machinery. 

Yonghua Machinery received a large number of customers and contributors who came from high-end manufacturing industries such as aviation, Military ships ,rail transportation and so on, and were impressed by the high-end five-axis linkage series products of Yonghua Machinery and gave highly recognition. 

Chen yong ,the chairman of Yonghua Machinery ,Chen zhou, the general manager of Yonghua Machinery, Mr. Ralph ROTTLER , the chairman of ROTTLER , and Mr. Ulrich Krause, the chief engineer of ROTTLER participate in this exhibition together to work together for "ROTTLER YONGHUA "high precision machine tool. 

Yonghua Machinery and ROTTLER , one is from Yanzhou, China, and another is from Siegen, Germany, they come together for the same pursuit in the machine tool industry, and we all believe that in the near future, ROTTLER· Yonghua will bring many industry users with more high precision machine tools.